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"You have done a commendable Job. It is a very useful tool. I can see the sincerity and your dedication in the way you have shown each aspect of the tool. It will make a life easier for many. A very useful and unique concept." -Head IT, manufacturing company

"Solution by KG team to manage our legacy application and reporting requirements, provided when it was most needed in a short period. Team has done a tremendous job despite having no previous knowledge of the base application or database. No migration was required to a different database which resulted in cost and time saving. The solution was immediately accepted and acknowledged by senior management of the bank." -Vice President - IT, German Based ,
Investment Bank.

Consulting Services

Data Migration

The exponential growth of data that is faced by organizations today, demands faster systems with better applications and databases. Migration of data to such databases is an imperative task which involves its own risk factors. DBLuminous™ eliminates the risk involved in data migration projects by the concept of Unique Data ElementTM (UDE).

Metadata Management

DBLuminous™ simplifies the challenge towards managing unstructured data by managing the metadata. DBLuminous™ analyzes the database not only as set of relationships but also as building blocks of functional data elements known as Unique Data Elements™. DBLuminous™ provides active monitoring and proactive management resulting in better database control.

Legacy Data Reports Extraction

Data Assets are very crucial for business organizations to analyze and take strategic decisions that benefit the stakeholders. In cases of data migration, DBLuminous™ has a prominent feature of generating reports from legacy data called the ‘Dynamic Report Generator’ (DRG).

Orphaned Database Maintenance

We take care of client databases that are no longer supported or maintained by the original vendor or service provider through our ‘Orphaned Database Maintenance’ services.

GRC and DB Audit Automation

Information assets within an organization must meet the requirements of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) regulations to ensure transparency and security of data. Periodical database audits play a significant role here for which DBLuminous has an automated solution to carry out GRC and DB Audit.

ETL Process Documentation

In data migration projects, the process of Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) of data is the key to successful migration effort. Nevertheless the documentation of the ETL process also plays a significant role for future reference of users of the application which we do in a effective manner.