"You have done a commendable Job. It is a very useful tool. I can see the sincerity and your dedication in the way you have shown each aspect of the tool. It will make a life easier for many. A very useful and unique concept." -Head IT, manufacturing company

"Solution by KG team to manage our legacy application and reporting requirements, provided when it was most needed in a short period. Team has done a tremendous job despite having no previous knowledge of the base application or database. No migration was required to a different database which resulted in cost and time saving. The solution was immediately accepted and acknowledged by senior management of the bank." -Vice President - IT, German Based ,
Investment Bank.

Data Governance

Any enterprise data asset which is effectively managed with pre defined process in called Data Governance. A proper maintenance, planning, monitoring and enforcement on any data asset make it a trusted data of any organization. DBLuminous™ is a comprehensive solution that fulfills an enterprise Data Governance needs. A planned Data Governance through DBLuminous™ would result in high Data security, Data Quality and Data Management.
Data Quality management

A critical issue that enterprises are facing these days is Data Quality Management. A quality data needs to be maintained for it to effectively serve its purpose. DBLuminous™ effectively monitors and maintains quality data and assures accuracy, consistency and reliability of data. Data Quality Assurance (DQA) process by DBLuminous™ involves auditing, scrubbing and updating of data that helps to retain standard data quality.

Metadata Management

A sophisticated database with large unstructured data needs to be wisely managed to maintain the data assets. DBLuminous™ simplifies the challenge towards managing unstructured data by managing the metadata. DBLuminous™ analyzes the database not only as set of relationships but also as building blocks of functional data elements known as Unique Data Elements™. DBLuminous™, provides active monitoring and proactive management resulting in better database control.

Database Operations Management

Any structured data asset needs an effective planning, maintenance and management from the time the database is created and till the end. DBLuminous™ provides a holistic view of the entire database that results in efficient database operation management.

Data Security Management

Data security is the most sensitive part when it comes to database management. It is very essential to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the data and also to prevent unauthorized access, modification or deletion of any data from the database. DBLuminous™ monitors and maintains a track of any access or modification done on the database through its audit.

Data warehousing

Data warehousing is a method of storing historic data as a structured repository. Data from multiple non integrated Legacy systems are collected, scrubbed and stored as integrated data. Data warehousing enables extracting long term reports for analysis and comparison. DBLuminous™ works extremely well in integrating databases along with extracting reports. DBLuminous also plays an initial part in data warehousing in terms of managing metadata. Integrating DBLuminous™ with ETL tools would serve as a powerful combo in the area of data warehousing.

Data Architecture management

Data architecture is a comprehensive layout of an organization’s data structure. Apparently maintaining the data architecture is necessary for productive and consistent data management. DBLuminous™ analyzes database as building blocks known as Unique Data Element™ that gives an insight of the data structure and database schema which in turn results in powerful data control.

Master data management

Managing an organizations master data or in other words Core Data like reference data or non-transactional data is master data management. The vital data of an organization is all linked to a master reference file for future orientation. This process also includes removal of duplicate data that is created. DBLuminous™ plays its role in analyzing the complete database and to ensure removal of duplicate data and maintains a accurate data dictionary.